Bravo & Brave‘s music harmony catalog offers to music producers and songwriters, collections of harmony progressions that can be used in modern music production and to improve music theory proficiency.


One thing that has always troubled me when approaching a new song idea, is wondering how am I going to get find musical structures to build the song off of. Bravo & Brave has solved this problem by offering well-curated catalogs of music, with an extensive volume of useful data to use for composing. By that, I mean that they have all of the harmony progressions that you could ever need. And it’s all available at your fingertips!

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are Ed Sheeran, and that we’ve just written a really good chord  rogression for the next song’s verse. But what if the chorus doesn’t sound so good? Great! I could use Bravo & Brave to inspire myself, look for solutions to the chorus in the same key of my song, and try solutions that, maybe, as an artist, I haven’t previously thought of. Using Bravo & Brave, musicians and electronic producers are supplied with a constant
number of regular and VIP progressions that can fit together in the track musical structure, and can be listened to in different keys and with all types of instruments. This process can lead to the creation of BEAUTIFUL songs (or, as we call them, Perfect Songs). Progressions can then be dragged into your DAW and shaped into a wider piece of work – or they can be uploaded to TikTok and social media for users to weave into UGC projects.

“We have created a product that works for artists of all musical genres; Bravo & Brave is meant to be your songwriter, your modern music teacher, your inspiration when you need fresh creativity while you play music.”
Says Lorenzo Brizzo, Bravo & Brave’s founder. (@bravoandbrave on Instagram)


Designed to provide creatives with a simple and effective way to discover new harmony progressions, Bravo & Brave‘s music harmony catalog offers to musicians and songwriters thousands of chord progressions and music harmony patterns. For ease of browsing and discovery, it is all divided into searchable categories and genres.

Explore new music
  • Search by genre, BPM, key, and more. Listen to audio previews in your session key
    and tempo; download only what inspires you.
Customize your chord progressions
  • The perfect song is the result of high-quality harmonization and intuitive creative taste.
    Our tool allows you to work on each section of your track and try out different keys
    until you find the perfect match.
Save your projects
  • If you discover an interesting progression, you can give it a “Like” and save it for your
    future projects.
Import to DAW
  • You can import an entire track or single parts of it to your DAW and continue to work
    on the final production.

There are millions of possible tonal harmony combinations for producers to discover. To get started, users can choose a “style & genre” by using the Tags & Category menu.

Pro-tip: when you find a harmonic progression that has potential, test it out with a change of key M to m or vice-versa, and use the loop to feel the rhythm and fine-tune it to perfection.


Despite being designed mainly for high-end professional working musicians, Bravo & Brave charges only $3.37 per hour for unlimited access to its catalog….that’s a sweet deal! For today’s first 25 readers that hop on this deal, the team at Bravo & Brave have prepared the gift of a 27% off Stripe Coupon to use on hourly purchases. (Any problem with the Coupon? (

Are you Bravo & Brave? Then never give up on the beautiful journey of making great art.
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Text by Lorenzo Brizzo
Photo by Bravo&Brave Technologies
Posted on April 05, 2023